What do we do?

Duct Installation Service

Our procurement team are able to source a quality range of Ducting Installation Service.

TDF Ducting Service

Offered exhaust ducting are largely praised in the market for our plentiful quality aspects.

Duct Fabrication Service

These ducts are widely used for the purpose of air distribution and ventilation.

Ducting And Components

Yes, we make it ALL – industrial ducting parts and accessories. Delivered on time at the best price.

Solution Products

Through sheet metal fabrication skills and seasoned duct systems consulting has worked with contractors.

We Can Build It

If you can draw it – WE CAN BUILD IT. It is just that simple. We have a fully equipped 10,000 sqm working space.


An ISO 9001:2015 quality certified, highly integrated HVAC duct factory with a long history in the design, manufacturing, installation & commissioning of engineered HVAC duct system, AHUs (air handling units) and ventilation systems and accessories.

HVAC Design

TDF has capabilities of designing HVAC systems for multipurpose applications.

Size Properly

You’ll get a new HVAC system that is sized & design properly using many softwares.

Comfortable and Efficient

We perform detailed calculations to ensure efficient and quality products. .

Custom Duct Fabrication Capabilities

Technical Duct Factory (TDF) is the proven expert in custom duct fabrication.

We serve to meet your Fabrication needs

Working from your blueprints or specifications, we can produce HVAC ductwork or other ductwork components that meet all your requirements.

Computer-Aided Design

With over 10,000 square feet of manufacturing space, computer-aided design, and state-of-the-art fabricating equipment, TDF has virtually unlimited fabrication capabilities.

Shipping Standards

We operate our own fleet of tractor-trailers for quick, direct to your door deliveries.

Deliver based on standard design products

Ducting products are loaded on end to significantly reduce the possibility of any damage during transit.

Products Delivery

Products are packed efficiently and tightly to help assure every order is filled completely and eliminating product damage during shipments.

Complete commercial installation

We can perform complete commercial installation of all duct work light and heavy. This includes trunk ducts and fittings.

High level of capacity

TDF has sufficient capacity at its disposal to install works for all projects.

Quality Works

Our products proposition embraces client oriented service with product reliability and fine workmanship.

Save Money by Investing in HVAC Maintenance

We ensure properly maintained system that can operate at its most efficient level, helping reduce your energy expenditures.

Less cost for repair

Not only will the system have fewer need for repairs, but with a maintenance check each year, you can spot small problems before they develop into big ones.

Longer lifespan

Get the most years out of your system by keeping it functional and well maintained.

Featured Products

Interested in our products? Just pick up the phone to chat with a member of our sales team.

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